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Thursday, August 23, 2012

We ALL have #KRED ~ But what's YOUR #KREDSTORY?......

UPDATE: 8/27/12- I'm trying to be patient, fair and honest, but I am feeling a little neglected and left out again.
Now I was told on some of my #KredStory problems that are no longer showing up that they are in beta. But NOW my Most Mentioned Word section,  Most Mentioned Users section, Users Mentioning Me section, Most Used Hashtags about Me section, My Friends RT section and more ALL NOT THERE!

 I've check others and it's there for them BUT not for me!!!!1 WHY @KRED

OH One more thing! WHY DO I HAVE TO SIGN IN EVERY TIME  TO MY KREDSTORY! Most annoying..........

UPDATE: 8/23/12- I try to be fair, honest and forthcoming. 
In response to some of my concerns I got this from
I kind of figured that this was just the Beta version of the new KredStory! Hopefully some of my concerns and suggestions below will be included in the next version. 

We all know about #KLOUT!    No! "FOLLOW ME"

Klout, as the say it, "The Standard for Influence", measures influence online. When you create content or engage, you impact others. Klout analyzes that impact to find your Klout Score, influential topics, and your influencers.

Klout recently had a major redesign oriented around what CEO Joe Fernandez described to as a user’s “social resume.” 

Well now along comes #KRED! Or should I say, #KREDSTORY! As they also have unveiled a major redesign

First impressions:  

PROS:-WAY more info then Klout! You REALLY see a "STORY" of your Social Media(mainly Twitter) influence. It's FUN, easy to navigate, user friendly atmosphere makes for a real time snap shot of one's Social influence.

CONS:- Well lets discuss below.............

“Kred Story is the culmination of many years of research by PeopleBrowsr,” says Kred CEO Andrew Grill, in a press release. “It shifts the emphasis from scores and data to people and their content. Kred Story gives everyone access to social data in an intuitive format that enhances their social media experience. It makes influence metrics useful for all of us.”

You can click the Kred icon for more background about what Kred is in my previous post!

They do however beat #Klout hands down when it comes to #SocialMedia! (examples in my early post as well) also recently.

My friend  is writing a book called, "Social Media Commerce For Dummies", how you can use social media and build your customer base. They must have got an advanced copy!

Ever since I wrote a post called  Sorry #KRED, you have NO #KLOUT with me! About my concerns over there accessing your Twitter DM's, with this release that has been corrected, I have gotten responses from the CEO  also Leading Data Strategy for & curator who,I must say, has been really the most forthcoming, responsive and helpful! And Shawn Roberts @entroporium marketing at PeopleBrowsr & Kred.

Getting into the NEW Kred is by invitation only, for now. Sign up through Twitter or Facebook, then you must enter your email to request an invite!

BUT, I am happy to say, my invite came thanks to a few Friends!

As I said, they know that social media is one of the fastest ways to engage and influence!


Needless to say after waiting and seeing others talking and using Kred, I was eager to dive in and explore it for myself!

Upon entering my #KREDSTORY you are met with an analytic-driven version of a social dashboard.
An interactive array of one's Twitter posts, Your interactions for the day, #Hashtags in conversations, Give +Kred to someone, Total influential points;(a sort of spreadsheet on your +kred, twitter & facebook transactions), Top locations,Who you are mentioning and who's mentioning you,Your post that have been retweeted and a list of who retweeted them, Some of your Twitter friends and there retweets & who did the RT'ing.(although this has not shown up for me today,Hmmm)

A very impressive and engaging format that tries to pack as much information as it can onto a simple scrolling board to represent your social influence.

And that represents it's first problem. It's basically taking your "Twitter" influence and I suppose some facebook!

But social Media is not just Twitter! It's Google+, Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram, LinkedIn, just to name a few. That is where it differs from #Klout also which includes some of those accounts to your profile to include them in your TRUE overall score.

Hopefully so will #Kred! One place to go to see a wide variety of one's COMPLETE Social Media influence.

Another problem is the KRED score itself or GLOBAL KRED! Unlike #Klout which determines your Influential topics by what you are saying or you could even add them yourselves, KRED has a per-determined list there for everyone, NOT IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER instead listed by your score in each, to choose from.

Take for instance a KRED leader @JessicaNorthey
Everyone knows she is a leader in Country Music but you have to give her a +Kred in MUSIC like everyone else. I would like to see a more personalized "community" on Kred.
We're not all alike so the generic list, PLEASE ALPHABETIZE IT especially when giving a +Kred to someone even before typing in the users twitter name you have to search through the list to find the right KRED category, should be more customizable. You should be able to add your own community and have others join with there influence.

Also, although I am sure it's growing pains, not all things have been working every time you click and my Twitter friends and there RT"s activity is not showing up still today.

They also need an App!

On top is whats happening now in Global, Communities, Books, Movies, TV Shows, Leaders. This is an extremely helpful quick way of finding out what's being said, by whom and about what! You can enter #Hashtags, Twitter Names to see what's going on about almost anything.

All in all it has something here. It really tells a more complete story of your influence and not just give you a score. It gives you a number and shows you why.  It goes deeper into letting you see what, where, who and why your score is and the social activity you are creating.

For me, it was worth the wait! Improvements can be made! But for me I will be reading my #KredStory over and over again!