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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The NEW #KRED has a STORY to tell ~ Game on #Klout

UPDATE! 8/22/12 Well it's been 24 hours since the launch of the "NEW" #Kred! I have been waiting forever for them to remove the DM access on #twitter , which they now have, so I can join and explore to see what all the fuss is about compared to #KLOUT! 

BUT now I must wait AGAIN to be aloud in the KRED CLUB to see my story!


Amidst weeks of promises of the "NEW" #Kred, FINALLY I woke up today to a #Twitter message from the CEO Andrew Grill (see below)

As you know Kred, a competitor to Klout in the measuring of your #SocialMedia  influence, has been working on a new and improved Kred that will no longer have "Access" to your #Twitter Direct Message's! Andrew has been very forthcoming and responsive to my concerns and this blog post keeping me informed as to the progress to there correcting this.

Thank you also to Travis Wallis, Leading Data Strategy & who was also very forthcoming and resposive.
  Well today not only have they have now removed that invasion of your privacy but they have also rolled out #KredStory!

Now we users are more then just a number we now have a "Social Resume"! 


Here's a small video they put out explaining! 

They describe it,"Kred Story is a visual history of your Social Media Influence Explore the posts, pictures and links that make you influential See your full influence story and zoom in on meaningful moment."
I  just joined #KRED and requested "My Story" I will do a full review once I am allowed into the club! 


UPDATE: July 24, 2012 - Well "Promises, Promises!" My post about #Kred, the social "Online" measure of influence and competition to #Klout, drew countless hits and responses from there CEO @andrewgrill  & @traviswallis Leading API Strategist with the PROMISE of a "NEW" #kred coming out as they said, "In a few weeks!" in which they will no longer have "Access" to your #Twitter DM's! 

Well it's now been almost 3-weeks and STILL no changes to there App Authorize method! 

Wondering why?

It's so simple to just remove that one little, tiny, miniscule thing: Access your direct messages. There is no need for it, no sound reason anyone could give and no explanation why they have incorporated that into there program. They say they don't read them! I hope not, BUT they should not have ANY ACCESS to them, PERIOD!

I say again, SO.......Sorry #KRED, you STILL have NO #KLOUT with me!

UPDATE:June 28,2012 - Read CEO of #Kred @andrewgrill response below

UPDATE! June 27,2012 - 10:30pm edt. Just got a #Tweet from Travis Wallis@traviswallis Leading API Strategy for @PeopleBrowsr & @Kred

This would be great news. As he stated they are fixing the access to your #Twitter DM's in the next version in a few weeks. I have always wanted to join in on the #Kred fun but it was my friend @MarshaCollier who first made me aware of this DM access. There is really NO reason, as I have stated, for ANYONE to access your DM's. I will monitor and keep you informed.

We ALL know our @klout score! RIGHT!

Klout measures influence online. When you create content or engage, you impact others. #Klout analyzes that impact to find your Klout Score, influential topics, and your influences. Whether on #Twitter or #Facebook or even now #Google+ it tracks your #SM presence and even gives you Klout Perks exclusive products or experiences that you earn based on your influence. I've gotten Lipton Ice Tea samples, men products and so on. Nice, free stuff for doing something you would normally do on #SM platforms is a WIN -WIN!
You sign in to #Klout vie #Twitter and authorize them to have access to read Tweets from your timeline and see who you follow(below)

Simple, easy and unobtrusive.

But now there is a new kid on the block, #KRED  But be warned there is a major difference then from #Klout! Something that has prevented me from joining the #KRED party and wont until I get an explanation or they remove this one thing.

What is #Kred?  

It is a measure of influence created by PeopleBrowsr, a San Francisco-based social media analytics company, to identify the most influential people in interest-based communities. Kred scores are generated by observing a social network user's content, who it reaches, who acts upon it, and whether the user relays the content of others.

#Klout measures Influence + how people respond to you on a scale from 1-100, while #Kred measures influence on a scale from 1-1,000 and outreach on a scale from 1-11 + how you respond to other peoples activities.

Just recently #Kred launched “Rewards” so you can win discounts and product samples if you get retweeted and Liked enough just like #Klout!

BUT!, and here is why I wont join, when you sign in to #Kred App and give access to your #Twitter account you also give PeopleBrowsr access to your #TWITTER DM's! That's right, those private back and forth messages you send someone other then the recipient now has "Access" to them.

Now I have tried and tried to get a response from #PeopleBrowsr or #Kred as to what they can actually see in the DM's, are they reading them, counting them or just amusing themselves that they have them and can do with them what they want but have gotten NO answer!

So join this at your own risk. To me there is NO reason for ANY App to access my #Twitter DM's for any purpose to do anything with! There is NOTHING they can convince me of that would deem it OK for them to need this. I can not remember any other App that requested access to your Twitter DM's!

SO.......Sorry #KRED, you have NO #KLOUT with me!