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Thursday, September 19, 2013

How to fix iOS7 Problems

Ok, I usually wait any time the bitten Apple comes out with an update but this time I was somewhat excited about the latest iOS upgrade 7!

Little did I know or I should've that there would be problems!

Just a few quick ones I have found. I'll keep posting any more troubles, complaints, solutions and yes even praise!Lets go over a few and some fixes:

BATTERY LIFE: One new feature the "App Background Refresh" feature, which keeps apps running and refreshing in the background, is a REAL drain on your battery. To turn that off, head to: Settings > General >Background App Refresh and toggle the setting to off.

MAILBOX: One of THE most annoying ones for me! Before if you had 1 or 10 e-mails you could set the mail app to only show the first 50 emails! Not anymore. It now shows ALL emails you've received and are still in your box!

OTHER APPS NOT READY: Not an Apple problem since these many developers had many months advanced notice and beta use but still some aren't ready yet. Some of the ones I use CNN, BreakingNews & AP can no longer send Push notifications or can I tweet out links inside there App. I'm sure there hard at work but the clock is already past midnight!(IT WAS AN APPLE PROBLEM! WHEN I UPDATED TO iOS7 IT WHIPED OUT MY TWITTER PASSWORD. GO TO SETTINGS.SCROLL DOWN CLICK ON TWITTER,YOUR USER NAME, MAKE SURE YOUR PASSWORD IS TYPED IN!)

PUSH NOTIFICATIONS: Speaking of Push notifications this was one of the most complaints I found on the web! It would tell you to "connect to iTunes" to use! It was a total loss of receiving ANY notifications from any app installed on your iPhone. I noticed this today when the NY #Mets were playing a day game and my ESPN #Sportscenter app wasn't telling me what was going on.

The fix is time consuming but I did it, with a call to Apple support and the guidance of a nice gentleman Chris. You have to first back-up your phone in iTunes, then do a total restore, then restore from iTunes the back-up you did before. Worked like a charm.

ICONS & FOLDERS: Ugly, grey and whats with the bar at the bottom.

If anyone wants to add there experiences do so in the comments section.
Just a few quick ones I have found. I'll keep posting any more troubles, complaints, solutions and yes even praise!One thing, I DO LOVE iTUNES RADIO!