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Thursday, July 18, 2013

The SECRET on "How to get Verified on Twitter"

Like the old saying, "How does one get to play at Carnegie Hall?....PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!

On Twitter it's even more difficult then that!

Its just a little blue check mark!  

But everyone wants one and its so hard to get! 

If you've seen that white check mark in a blue cloud on somebody's Twitter profile, that means they hold a "verified account."

 "Twitter uses verification to establish the authenticity of tweeters, and does so proactively—they concentrate on "highly sought users in music, acting, fashion, government, politics, religion, journalism, media, advertising, business, and other key interest areas."

That's what I thought or they want you to believe before I did some research because that's what they and everyone has been saying. 

FACT: Getting #Verified on twitter is a complete mystery only known to them! You can read article after post after blog, only they truly know how they decide each day who to verify!  

Lets look into this!

Here are the "OFFICIAL" #Twitter 

FAQs about verified accounts (click here)

Love this part: We do not accept requests for verification from the general public. - we may reach out to you in the future." I WON'T hold my breath!


When did it begin, how and WHY?


June 2009 and a then St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Managers lawsuit by the name of Tony La Russa. YUP! It appears that Mr. La Russa sued #Twitter over someone impersonating him on the #SocialMedia site! Here's a blog post from Twitter explaining the launch of "Verified Accounts!" by  @biz Not Playing Ball  

Love this part: "Please note that this doesn’t mean accounts without a verification seal are fake—the vast majority of Twitter accounts are not impersonators." The VAST majority! Come On! You mean 99.995% are NOT VERIFIED! 


The lawsuit was latter dropped by Mr. La Russa! Here's an article on @Mashable detailing this (click here)


Another term of reference on twitter verification process is a GREAT article by Crag Kanalley (verified) then of the Huffington post! Why Twitter Verifies Users: The History Behind the Blue Checkmark

True Statement by Craig: "Just because you're verified doesn't mean you're famous. In fact, it doesn't even equate to followers."(keep reading for an amazing example of this)


 (note) Tony La Russa STILL is NOT verified on Twitter! (they don't hold a grudge do they!) If that's him?


Here's a GREAT post by @PeerReach (not verified) Peerreach Blog giving us a statistical breakdown of all verified twitter account as of April 2013.

AMAZING FACT: ONLY 0.005% of #Twitter accounts are Verified! (as of April 2013) Think about that! Why is this percent so LOW? In my opinion twitter was forced into this and really doesn't want to do it.


I particularly like the two verified account's they note: @Change4US (22 followers now but ONLY 1 TWEET) and @ita_nishidaij (28 followers now). Makes sense! I particularly like the ONE and ONLY tweet by @Change4US 


This is why the verification process really needs to be revamped! Who are they, Him?Her?? There's NO bio! Why did Twitter verify them? Do we all feel safe and comforted that this tweet comes from a verified account!? It's CRAZY! 


We all heard recently of how even @Jack's parents can't get Verified! Tim Dorsey (@Tim535353, 4,066 followers) and Marcia Dorsey (@marciadorsey, 1,529 followers), who live in St. Louis, have tweeted requests to get their accounts verified! Here's a GREAT article about that from @MaryCLong from AllTwitter @alltwtr (BOTH not verified) If This Twitter Co-founder’s Parents Can’t Get Verified, What Do You Think YOUR Chances Are?











Now @Pinterest and @Facebook (both verified) are starting to verify accounts. 


 On Pinterest it's easy to get your account verified as I spell out in my blog post @UBtalkin  How to Get verified on Pinterest


On Facebook, @TechCrunch (verified)  has a great post on the process by @drizzled:(not verified) Facebook Unveils Verified Pages And Profiles, Takes A Page From Twitter’s Playbook


 I would LOVE to be verified, wouldn't you!  


There are many on twitter in my opinion that deserve to be "VERIFIED" I am hesitate to name names as to not offend by not singling out someone who I truly believe should be, but I will mention one @MarshaCollier The Queen of @Ebay!(verified) Author of over 42 books,Forbes Top Influencer, #Custserv on and on! Isn't this someone who deserves a white and blue check mark?


UPDATE: Ok, now I'm going to get myself in trouble! I am going to add two more people on Twitter that I think should be verified! Jessica Northey @JessicaNorthey The PERSON for ALL things Country Music! Host of #CMchat on Twitter!


And  Reg Saddler @zaibatsu His Bio says it all: "Just a guy who loves Social Media, Tech, Travel and Humor."  


I could go on with MANY others! These are the Peeps that MAKE TWITTER what it is! NOT the rich and famous or companies and organizations! These tweeters is why people spend hours and hours on the #Socialmedia site!

To me this brings full circle what's wrong with the verification process! I suppose that when @Ladygaga sends out a Tweet its comforting to know it comes from a "Verified" GaGa, although why is her profile pic an EGG now? 

But wouldn't it also be more beneficial to Twitter as well as the tweeting public to know that not just high profile, stars, organizations etc. accounts are also who they say or represent they are. Doesn't THERE voice need to be heard over the crowd as well? Isn't there message just as important!


TRUST at what's being tweeted! Isn't that what its mainly about!


Isn't THAT what the Verification process really should be!


Social Media is becoming more and more important in our everyday lives and how we communicate everyday with people, brands, companies, celebrates etc., even politicians. It's important to TRUST who we are engaging. Not everyone can be verified. But the process needs to be changed and more tweeters need to be let in the exclusive club! They can find ONLY over 54,000 accounts "IMPORTANT" or necessary or whatever there reason is to verify! (complete list)      


I again go back to that account @Change4US  If Twitter can explain why this account is verified than maybe we can all understand the process of being "VERIFIED ON TWITTER!"