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Thursday, February 7, 2013

If you're using KRED be WARNED, AGAIN.....

UPDATE: Feb. 7, 2013 8:45pm est: A company is only as good as it's leader!  Leadership starts from the top. Not five minutes after I posted this story I got this #Twitter response from #KRED CEO Andrew Grill.....
I try not to jump to conclusions, it's HARD! I'm not only a "PARODIED" New Yorker but a "CYNICAL" one! I hope my #KREDSTORY has another happy ending!!

I've been having writers block lately, maybe cause writing sometimes doesn't come easy for me, "although I did stay at a holiday inn express last night!!" ;-)

Anyway, I was going over my published post as I sometimes do to follow-up and decided to explore again the relatively new start-up @KRED.

If you recall #KRED  "It is a measure of influence created by PeopleBrowsr, a San Francisco-based social media analytics company, to identify the most influential people in interest-based communities. Kred scores are generated by observing a social network user's content, who it reaches, who acts upon it, and whether the user relays the content of others."

It is similar to @Klout, (could always use more #KLOUT, HINT-HINT @UBtalkin, but goes even further with there "New" #KloutStory! But let them explain it in this short video.......

My reason for my first post on #Kred was that when you sign in vie #Twitter one of there requirements is that you authorize and grant access to @PeopleBrowsr, HomePage (They are an influence analytics and social media marketing solutions collect social metadata, identify influencers, and enable analysis and engagement.) to your #Twitter DM's (Direct Messages). To me those are EXTREMELY personal and really see no reason that they or anyone should have access to them. Call me a "PARANOID" New Yorker if you want but #Klout doesn't require that as really most others don't as well.

In my first post, you can read HERE, expressing my concerns to my surprise I got almost immediate responses from the CEO Andrew Grill  and Travis Wallis Leading Data Strategy #PeopleBrowsr & #Kred.  

Both could not have been nicer and more forthcoming saying that they were fixing this for there next version coming out...


And true to there word I got a tweet from #KRED CEO Andrew Grill......

Now that's a company we can trust or so I thought!

I signed up for my #KredStory and was really getting into exploring the many features and really in depth details they provide as it really does go beyond #Klout in many factions! But alas My #KredStory has an Unhappy Ending!

I often check my #Twitter Apps, those that I have given permission to access my account, (that paranoid  New Yorker again) just to make sure nothing has changed. And, unfortunately, #KRED is now once again accessing our #Twitter DM's. No warning, No explanation just back to the way it was.  

So I have revoked access to them and put my #KredStory back up on the bookshelf again. It's there company, there idea, there reason for doing so but again I ask them WHY? Why do you need access to my "Personal" twitter DM's. I would DM someone on twitter cause I only wanted THAT PERSON to see it not anyone in my stream or you for whatever reason you might come up with. 

Maybe its an error, a mistake, a misunderstanding, it happens! I hope so. My brother-in-law and I had a misunderstanding this week and I believed we have worked it out! Miscommunication, it happens! I really was starting to enjoy reading my #KredStory and maybe this doesn't bother most of you using there service, so be it. But you should know and decide for yourself.  

But for now I feel betrayed, lied too, fooled! We are about to get a major snowstorm in #NYC, I feel like I just got a Major "SNOW JOB"    

So again I say, "Sorry #KRED, you AGAIN have NO #KLOUT with me!