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Monday, February 6, 2012

Madonna, LMFAO, Kelly Clarkson, Cee Lo, MIA,Nicki Minaj,Blake Shelton/Miranda Lambert

The Super Bowl is OVER!

BUT, who had the BEST performance!

Let’s take a brief look at each artist’s Super Bowl 2012 achievements and attempt to make a call the only way we know how: via non-scientific online polling.

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton:
 The husband-and-wife country crooners officially opened the Super Bowl festivities with their rendition of “America the Beautiful.”
Thought they did a fine job as they held hands and remembered all the words without a major flub!
Check out Miranda's "PINK" microphone!

After recent national anthem flubs by Steven Tyler,(although I thought he did an ok job,what were you expecting from the lead singer of Aerosmith), Cyndi Lauper and, most notably, Christina Aguilera during last year’s Super Bowl. So ALL Kelly really had to do is NOT srcew up and Please,Please don't forget the words!
Again I thought she did a fine job. No embellishments,clean and strong. Check out her "RES" sequenced microphone! 



Loved the Cleopatra opening!

BUT WTF was LMFAO  doing there? Don't understand that.

She started with "VOGUE"! Right out of yesterday although the dance moves seamed robotic,the special effects were nice.
She then went into "Music". Again nothing special. A almost fall on top of a staircase, although my sister said she couldn't get up! Old and out of shape she says! I'm not sure of that.It did have a guy on a tight rope performing nice stunts!
That went into the first guest musical performance of the night!


All I can say was, #WTF was LMFAO do at SB XLVI!?
They did there hit "Party Rock" and "Sexy and I know it" while Madonna gyrated and did twist on stage.

That went right into Madonna's new song “Give Me All Your Luvin’

A song that featured both Niki Manaj and M.I.A. Now my niece said watching this that Nicki Manaj was "The greatest female rapper of ALL time"! OK. 
Her rap was nice but I will go with my niece's opinion and say she "WAS AWESOME!"

OK. I missed it. I did not see her "flipping the bird"(middle finger) at us. Nor the curse word at the end of her very small rap part of the song!
I really didn't know who she was. My vote is an incomplete.
Oh NBC and the NFL both apologizes most sincerely for the incident each blaming the other, TYPICAL!
If you watch the video, the network tried to blur it out but they were seconds too late!

Then cue the marching band lead out by

I'll be honest, I like Cee Lo. Even thought he changed the words of John Lennon's song "Imagine" New Years Eve in Times square broadcast live on CNN. He's got the WHITEST teeth I have EVER seen. He joined Madonna onstage for both “Open Your Heart” and “Like a Prayer.”
He had denied it all week saying he would be home watching on his couch with chicken wings and dip, but his powerful voice and showmanship together with Madonna was a great entertainment.

The show ended with Madonna disappearing from the stage with a cloud of smoke as she melted like the wicked witch of the east and this message:

Overall I would give it a 8.3 out of 10!

Now it's YOUR turn to VOTE!

Who had the BEST Halftime Super Bowl Performance?