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Thursday, February 2, 2012

CARNAC-Donald Trump,The GroundHog and Facebook?

Name three things in the news now that are trying to GRAB the media attention!

Donald Trump,The GroundHog and Facebook

Donald Trump: Ok I will admit it. I have read his books. You got to love a guy who files for bankruptcy two times and banks STILL lend him money. Now you and I couldn't get a bank to give us a toaster for opening an account anymore, but the Donald has them lining up to pour money into anything he wants to do. No trickle down here!
His lame and I mean LAME presidential bid,He had NO intention of running because you then would have to make a full financial disclose and that is taboo for the Donald. So now today, February 2, 2012 he is set to hold a press conference as he tweeted below, to announce who he is endorsing in the republican 2012 presidential race. He is st to announce it at 12:30pst in "Sin City" Las Vegas at his  Trump International Hotel & Tower,drumming up some business while he's at it. The man knows ho to garner publicity.
Who will he endorse? Well late last night the news agency AP said it would be Newt Gingrich BUT early this morning they quickly did a mea culpa saying it will be Mitt Romney now. Either way they will be right! SMART!
The GroundHog That's right, It's GroundHog Day. I have a friend who sayss that this is his favorite holiday!
Every year on February 2 the little rodent is plucked from his hole at the crack of dawn and asked the famous question, "Early spring or six more weeks of winter".

Here's the scorecard:

 Punxsutawney Phil 'predicts' six more weeks of winter

(THE most famous of them all)

Staten Island Chuck: Early spring in sight

(more famous for biting the NYC Mayor Bloomberg's  fingers in 2009)


General Beauregard Lee
Watch the video of HIS prediction from Atlanta


FACEBOOK Ok, in my opinion it is the biggest wast of time man or Mark Zuckerberg, Here is his Google+ page, ever created. We are ALL just on it because everyone else is!
We all watched the picture, "The Social Network", which portrayed Mark as a Lying, cheating, steeling.....well a "really bad person".
Is that truth, It's Holloywood so it must be.
Never the less now he is taking "HIS"? company public announcing a staggering IPO of $5 Billion Filing to Sell Stock in May. 
The "STREET" as they say always thought Facebook was NOT making money, but now we hear Facebook, along the way, has made a lot of money. It revealed in today's filing that in 2011 it had profits of $1 billion on sales of $3.7 billion.
WHAT! All for status updates as to what socks I will wear or how my girlfriend dumped me!??

But Facebook said in its IPO paperwork that its own internal valuation puts their current value at $29.73 per share.
Should you BUY!? I just might take a flyer on this one!