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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I'll Chime.iN - My Review & BRIEF chat with Bill Gross

UPDATE: 10/20/11- The new social site is DOWN again. It started a little before 8pm edt. The site wont even load. At first got an error message :We couldn't find this user. We wonder what he is doing and where he is". Obvious Chime is having MAJOR growing pains. Will keep you informed!
There is a NEW social media site that has entered the market to attract your attention and compete with the likes of FaceBook, Twitter, Google+, MySpace, Reddit....Am I missing anyone?

It's called "Connect around your interests"

What is it? This is how they describe it on there web site;
"At we’re building the world’s richest interest network. A place to learn and share with others who have the same interests. Where one day, your every interest, no matter how big or small, serious or silly, will have its own vibrant community of people who are just as passionate about it as you are.
Our goal is to be the most democratic publishing platform in social media. So, we’re building in tools to give everyone a bigger voice: analytics on your posts and followers, ways to connect people with the most relevant and quality content, and, eventually, ways to monetize your content with partners."
( is part of UberMedia (, the world’s leading independent developer of feature-rich social media products that make it easy to publish, consume and engage, no matter who you are.)

It comes from the folks at UberMedia founded in 2010 by Chief Executive Officer Bill Gross. Bill is also the CEO of Idealab, where he has started over 75 companies.

When Twitter suspended UberTwitter on February 18, 2011, owned by UberMedia, for violations "including, but aren't limited to, a privacy issue with private Direct Messages longer than 140 characters, trademark infringement, and changing the content of users' Tweets in order to make money." (In my opinion Twitter did the same thing that Apple did, STOP USING OUR NAME.) CEO Bill Gross changed the name to UberSocial, complied with Twitters concerns and was back up and running with this popular App in 2 days.

 Now comes
I joined as soon it became available on Tuesday October 18, 2011. I was exploring it and getting familiar with it's many features when all of a sudden I got this screen→
Seemed that so many new people have signed up the system crashed. At first I thought it was something I did,getting tossed of the site. But through other social media found out it was truly down.
I quickly took to the other social sites an Tweeted this,
"The NEW Start Up by CRASHED on first night in operation....."
Never gave it another thought. I was actually having fun on it and surmised that it must be traffic congestion.
But to my surprise hours latter I get a Tweet response from the man himself " We got huge surge in traffic at , but we think we've fixed it now. Would love to hear what you think. How can we improve?
My response, I REALLY love it! It's got a little of Everything from ALL the other social media sites! Will continue to test & let u KNOW!
He responded; Thanks. We're trying to make something that is more engaging and more relevant. That's challenging, but we think we have a shot.
A shot?! I think so. To take time to interact with the same people you are depending on to use the site and help it grow is smart business savoy!
 My first quick review:
Chime Post Screen has "Followers" & "Following" like the others sites do except they also have "interest's" where you can see specific topics on a wide rage of subjects others have posted without having to "Follow" that person and even comment on it as well.
You can also create or join a specific community "Interest" and post/comment into that.
You can see chimes from people you are following, if someone has mentioned you, your sent and saved chimes by just clicking a button.
Chime Poll
The chime post screen is easy to use. It has an Headline area up to 200 caricatures and a text area up to 2,000 caricatures. WOW!

You can Chime a Link, Photo, Video or just a thought and sub catorgory it to up to 5 interests separated by commas for better exporsure of your chime. One feature I love is how easy it is to create a Poll.
Posts then can Like it, Share it and comment on it up to 200 caricatures even if your NOT following that person.
It has a Popular section of the most "Liked" chimes, media, links and polls for quick access to see what's the best of the best.
It has a Notifications section to see My Chimes: See who's liked, commented on or shared your Chimes.