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Thursday, February 27, 2014

A list of who's nominated & YOUR chance to vote on the #Oscars.....

And the winner is......

According to you >>>

We ALL, I believe, like the Motion Pictures and most watch the #Oscars every year on TV! By now a lot of you maybe are awards show fed up, aka my brother-in-law, but the Academy Awards are something different when it comes to the numerous awards shows. All the beautiful people come out dressed to kill with there designer gowns and black tie and tales to honor themselves for a job well done!

They vote for themselves each in there own category who they thought was the best of the best for the year gone by in motion pictures.

We ALL enjoy seeing what they are "Almost" wearing and hearing those spontaneous excepting speeches!

Al kidding aside it really is a great night of entertainment and celebration of movies across the world.

Hosted once again by funny lady  Ellen Degeneres its a night, all be it LONG, filled with special moments and great drama, and some sore losers! :-)

BUT now its your turn. If you had one of those #OSCAR ballets who would you vote for? (comment