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Monday, June 3, 2013

The TRAIN of Social Media and ALL the stops.....

Who rides the TRAIN?

I mean the #TwitterFollowTrain.

What you say!

We all like to be noticed. To lead the way and have others follow in our footsteps, or at least care about something we do, say or yes, #TWEET!

Back in the day of +Myspace Getting followers was like a contest. Who can rack up the most no matter what. Just ask Tila Tequila, BUT even she has left the once top giant in #Socialmedia.

On Facebook its tough to rack up "FRIENDS" as they call it. "Do you know this person!" they ask. Ahhh, no, but i would "LIKE" too. Too many requests get you punished, ask my brother-in-law! You are also restricted to about 5,000 friends, although they have added a feature where you can "Follow" there stream. #Facebook is WAY TOO RESTRICTIVE! I find you really can's be "Social" on there unless you already know them!

Now Google+ (join me) is better. You can ADD people to circles whether you know them or not!

Pheed (join me) which now is mainly for kids is also more "FOLLOW" friendly.  (join me, although I'm still trying to figure this one out) is VERY new to the arena and am not quite sure where it fits in. Oh, and NOONE is #Following me back!

Pinterest (join me) Is REALLY HARD, at least for me, to get #Followers but no restrictions put in your way. (join me) WHAT you say. A social media "story" sharing service. Being active and sharing good quality stories should help increase your follower count.

Instagram (not on it) but thought I would mention it.

There is VineApp(look for me there "Uncle Bill") and, and on and on and on!

But back to Twitter (follow me, PLEASE ;-) and the TRAIN. Some say there NOT REAL FOLLOWERS! You can always check HERE

But if you want to hope on the #TwitterFollowTrain here is some I have found as the BEST of the BEST!

Tity@iCudGivATityFuk And her #TityFollowTrain is one of the BEST!

@KashDracoMDS And his #DracoFollowTrain Kash Draco


@FuckYouXavier And his  #XavierFollowFrain


There are MANY others, #TeamFollowBack, #90sBabyFollowTrain as they say, but those are three of the BEST! 

Why do a post on this? It's out there and VERY POPULAR! 

Like It!


But Hop on board and try it first!