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Monday, April 15, 2013

The true Tragedy of The Boston Marathon

In my opinion no matter how much security you put in place or how much precautions you do or how much counter-intelligence you can muster up the "bad guy' will find a way around it. We can't live in a Military/Police state, CAN WE?

(Photo) Dan Lampariello/Reuters
Our sense of security once again is brought into question as we truly see how vulnerable we are!

So once again the United States of America is faced with a TERRORIST attack this time in #Boston!

Whether it came from a domestic or foreign source really doesn't matter, the tragedy is the same either way.

Lives have been altered!
Source: @GlobeDavidLRyan

Dreams have been shattered!

Hopes dashed!

Was there enough security? Did we let our guard down? Could we have prevented this?


I've been thinking as the hours and day goes by that high profile areas of an event such as the "Finish-Line" of the #BostonMarathon should have been a frozen zone. An area were you can not get into without having your bags searched. They do this in #NYC Times Square on New Years eve. During the Thanksgiving day parade, which I have attended, there are frozen streets you can't go down without showing ID you work there. All others are issued down many blocks further up the route for a controlled entry.
I don't know what security people had to go through but time to re-double our efforts. 

Living in #NYC and experiencing the attacks on 9/11, trying to get in touch with my sister who was working right across the street from the Empire State Building and hearing reports that IT was the next target!

I'll never forget the TRUE AND UTTER HORROR on my mothers face trying desperately to get in touch with her as others in her office were calling us to contact there loved ones until finally we got her and that she was safe! Watching the F-16 jets circle so low overhead you felt like you could touch them. It was so surreal like it was happening in slow motion!

Then Monday, April 15, 2013, Tax Day, #Bostons Patriots Day, another attack. This one more crude in nature but all the same tragic. At this writing 3 confirmed dead including a 3 year old boy and close to 200 injured some VERY SERIOUS!

(photo) by Clare Richardson


This time my sister is far away, at a convention in Houston,TX. We've been texting, she's been WORRYING, as my niece goes to school in Times Square.

I texted her this photo, as #NYC #TimesSquare beefs up security telling her no threat just precaution trying to ease her mind. It didn't! My brother In-Law thought I shouldn't have. He's wrong. I wanted to try to, in my way, assure her that her daughter would be OK. To see what was going on before she turned on the #news and saw even worse pictures/videos of the anti-terrorism squad with there AK47's and military riot gear once again patrolling the streets! That they were going to be there for everyone in FULL FORCE Tuesday to serve and protect us!

Reports said that the #Boston Police had done sweeps of that area a few moments before. It was the latter part of the race. The professional runners had crossed hours before, now it was only you and I out there on the course! Some saw a man with a backpack trying to get into a secure area then running away.  

We shouldn't glorify this. Whoever did this are cowards! There reasons are meaningless! They once again took away part of our perception of safety! They put the word TERROR back into our lives! Other parts of the world live on the edge worse then this every day. I guess now we must remember that we ALSO DO TOO!