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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Google Maps for #iOS is Here.......BUT...


After #Apple dropped #GoogleMaps from its latest #iOS 6 upgrade in lieu of its own Maps App which has had MANY problems, an apology from apple CEO Tim Cook and the firing of Maps developer Richard Williamson, GOOGLE has launched its stand alone App for iOS!

A little after 11pm est on 12/12/12, wonder if they planned that, word came down vie #Twitter that it had been released! I quickly got a link for it to the App store, nothing was coming up on my #iPhone 4S searches, and tried to download! AND TRIED!!! AND TRIED!!! I kept getting the following message.... →

Persistent I finally after about half an hour was able to download it to my phone.

When you first enter the world of Google Maps you get the following screen.
Now I did not choose to help Google improve there App by giving them permission to collect my personal data, location etc. They want that, PAY ME, so I unchecked that box.(you can always go back in settings).
You can also choose to sign in with the "MY PROFILE" feature by tapping the little figure→ and save your favorite places and get quick access to past searches and directions from phone or computer. Another way #Google wants to track your info! 

The first time you type in to get directions by tapping in the top bar arrow key →
it takes you to the main direction finder. Your location should be there, provided that you enabled "location services" on your device. It gives you three options, Car, Transit or walking. Type in your destination, usually finds it before you've finished entering it, and that's it. Gives you three routes to choose from. If you have an #iPhone 4S or latter with Siri intergration it will give you turn-by-turn voice activated directions. To stop just hit the X in the lower left hand corner.

The first time I used this I got this SCARY WARNING....
 Now you have to accept it, but it goes to show you, BE CAREFUL using anything!

The side navigation bar, located in the lower right corner opens with a SWIPE with four options to improve directions with TRAFFIC, Public Transportation, Satellite and a separate integration google earth which you must download that App to work.

There is also an interesting feature, SHAKE your phone/ipad and this screen pops up......

Interesting, not really sure why they have this when you shake your device, NOT sure why I shook my device to have this pop up in the first place!!!

One of my favorite and interesting features is the "SEARCH" Bar.
Type in the address your tring to find  it gives you quick access to directions, you can share it with someone else vie Message, email copy to clipboard. Save it if you signed in using your Google account.  Gives you street view by clicking on the picture of the locations.

There is still lots more to explore, discover and get used to. Problems I'm sure will arise.