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Monday, August 6, 2012

Apple Going Thermonuclear on GOOGLE - Drops BOMB on YouTube!

Apple’s vision of the future of the iPhone and iPad

It is clear that #Apple and #Google HATE each other.

In his autobiography, Steve Jobs wrote about Google Saying;

He is gone now, may he #RIP, but the war still rages on and those that are now in charge are taking up the battle to destroy #Google and everything they have!
It launched patent lawsuits against Google's Android hardware partners, HTC in 2010 and Samsung in 2011.
Now Apple is coming out this fall with IOS 6.0.

Round 1: 

Apple revealed that Google would no longer provide the backend map technology for the iOS Maps app. The divorce affects all iOS developers who use iOS Map APIs: Apps approved for iOS 6 must use Apple's Map Kit API, which no longer utilizes Google's map services.  
Now I use this feature a LOT! Always getting lost no matter where I go, now its easy to go to the #Google Map App included with the #iPhone 4S  #IOS 5.1.1 type in your location and destination and it gives you directions, traffic even Swoop down and see the buildings exact street. BUT this will be GONE!
Now I'm sure #Google will quickly get a standalone App ready but it will no longer be included with your #iPhone

Apple selects TomTom as primary iOS 6 maps provider. TomTom has independently confirmed that it indeed "has signed a global agreement with Apple for maps and related information." 

Will it be just as god, better or will I resume getting lost again? We will see!

Round 2: 

YouTube! GONE! 

Yes that's right, with iOS 6 YouTube will no longer be included with there iOS operating systems. Apple said “Our license to include the YouTube app in iOS has ended, customers can use YouTube in the Safari browser and Google is working on a new YouTube app to be on the App Store,” an Apple spokesperson said. They have NO desire to renew it!  The YouTube app will no longer ship with iOS, Google is working on a standalone version that people can download from the App Store.

Will it work the same way? Will we notice a difference. Is it better for those that have Apple products? THEY DON'T CARE!

Now it might be said that #Google hasn't really updated it's current app included in iOS for a very long time. This could be an opportunity for them to make major improvements and we the users will benefit for the better. 

Round 3:

Web search

Now in Safari on the iPad and iPhone, #Google search has been the slandered that is integrated in every iOS update that has been made. It is integrated in Siri as well. Would Apple give it the boot?

Now to be clear there’s Google, Yahoo, Bing. But each iOS device sold comes with Google set as the default. And very few people change that setting. Face it, when we want to search for something we say, "I'll #Google that!"

It’s believed that Google now pays Apple upwards of $1 billion a year as a result of being the main search engine for iOS. (Just two years ago, the number was believed to be closer to $100 million, which is insane growth and shows just how important this area is.)  

Now some say that Bing is better but NOT the general public and perception is stronger then reality. #Apple thinks Siri can replace most searching in #Google BUT they are a long way from that happening. 

Now reports say that Google’s Chrome browser is coming to iOS as an App. The analyst suggested that Apple may already be reviewing Google’s submitted code.Apple’s guidelines for iOS development mandate that third-party browsers use the WebKit framework. Chrome’s and Safari’s engines are nothing alike and I doubt Google would agree to re-write Chrome for iOS on UIWebView. Apple is also unlikely to relax its policies just to give preferential treatment to a rival browser.

But now there is NO way to set your default browser in iOS. Any link tapped in another app,takes one to Safari instead of a third-party browser, in this case Chrome and I can't see #Apple changing that for there Public Enemy #1.

Here, check out #Google’s Chrome advert starring Lady GaGa.

Would they just change to someone else as default, develop there own or simple NOT include them and make it a GOOGLE free smartphone or iPad?

As the line in the Superman movie said, "MAN, THIS IS GONNA BE GOOD!"