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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

IS THERE AN iPhone Shortage? My Quest to get the 4S

Dear Apple,Inc......

UPDATE:12/1/11- Going to try the 9pm "reserve-refresh", "reserve-refresh" try my luck at apple.con/store Friday night! Also my sister ordered it for my brother in-law from AT&T. He is an existing customer. Told it will take at least two weeks for her to get it!

OK, to say I've been dragging my feet on getting the Apple iPhone is putting it mildly. I have been contemplating it and researching it for probably over two years now.

"I'll wait for the 4 to come out. OK, no now I hear the 5 is coming out, going to be better." On and on and on....

But finally I decided, with two Birthday present gift cards from my sister, to get the iPhone 4S! Just in time as the phone I am using now is the old LG Chocolate  from like six years ago. Battery now NOT holding a charge for too long,which I got on e-bay. Have to bash the phone symbol to make a call. Scroll is all out of whack. On and on and on.....

Anyway went down to the Apple store on the upper west side of NYC near Lincoln Center at 1981 Broadway NYC, NY.

Walked in and told one of the "Geniuses" I am READY to get my iPhone! To my surprise he asked if I had reserved one!

Now on the it states this: "iPhone is available for walk-in purchases at an Apple Retail Store on a first-come, first-served basis. Or you can reserve an iPhone online and we'll have one waiting for you at the store you choose.

When you come in to purchase your iPhone, you'll also get Personal Setup. We'll activate your iPhone, set up iCloud, transfer contacts from your old phone, and answer all your questions. You'll be up and running before you leave the store."

But what I was told is they "DO NOT EXCEPT" walk-ins for iPhone purchases! I would have to go to around 9pm or a little earlier and try and "RESERVE" mine at the store of my choice where they would hold it till closing of the next business day where I can pick it up for purchase and set-up! Also if you are having problems with the site, just keep hitting re-fresh! Your chances on getting one reserved depends on the number who are trying, internet connection etc. They go fast, so keep trying every night.


I was amazed. We decided to ask others in the store about the purchase of the iPhone. One said they "Might" have some left for the ones who never came in to get it. Back to ask another "Genius" but he said no that's NOT the case.  Upon telling what was on there site, he just said they do not except walk-ins. They did have available a jailbreak one for purchase at full regular $649.99 no contract needed.

I called around to a couple of other Apple stores in NYC and beyond and was told the same thing.

Now I can't get it on-line either with Apple or my current carrier since I am switching to SPRINT, and they too will not except new iPhone customers only existing customers and the wait is 1-2 weeks ! I also want there "Unlimited" data plans and even if they would let me purchase through Sprint I can't since I have gift cards ONLY redeemable at Apple stores which I have to go to and can't purchase it online since I am switching services and want to "Port" my existing number. UGGG!

So NOW my quest has taken another turn. Getting the iPhone has become almost "Mission Impossible"

I would LOVE to hear your stories if you are experiencing any difficulties in your purchase attempts!