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Monday, March 7, 2011

winning DUH!

LAPD raided Charlie Sheen's home on Thursday night in
search of weapons after the actor was seen holding a machete on Monday, but Charlie says it's not even his. “It wasn't even my machete, that's what's so funny about it,” Sheen told Radar Online. (Watch Police entering & Layers Statement Above)Mark Gross, Charlie’s Lawyer, told TMZ police found one rifle, from the 1800s, and “a few bullets,”at the actor’s home.
UPDATE: MARCH 9, 2011 - Three weeks have passed since Charlie Sheen first contacted "The Dan Patrick Show"radio program, launching an unexpected press tour that's included a number of radio stations, morning-show interviews, late-night talk-show appearances and his own self-produced Ustream show, "Sheen's Korner." Today he called the show again and Sheen later told Patrick, "[This] is where it all began and where it all ends, you know?"He also kissed his TV career good-bye."I'll go make some movies with some brilliant directors," he said. I guess he just wanted OUT of TV and duped us ALL! #winning
winning[win-ing]-noun The act of a person that wins.
You've heard that repeatably over the past several weeks as we continue to watch the ongoing exploits of Charlie Sheen. The now former star of the hit CBS comedy Two and a Half Men, as of today March 7, 2011 CBS, Warner Bros. and series co-creator Chuck Lorre issued this statement, “After careful consideration, Warner Bros. Television has terminated Charlie Sheen’s services on 'Two and a Half Men' effective immediately.” What is going on in Charlies mind and life is anybody's guess. He was making nearly $2-million-per-episode but decided to through that all away. Let me repeat that, $2-million per episode!

Sheen latter on Ustream March 7, 2011
I just watched the latest Sheenscorner, a Ustream show created by Charlie from as he calls his home Sober Valley Lodge. He looks terrible(photo right) which led me to ask myself are we watching the metal and physical breakdown of another famous person? Or are we watching a clever diabolical Hollywood performance to captivate us into his world that ultimately will catapult himself into an all new venture were he will make even more millions!

We all remember the countless famous personalities that have fallen off the stars, spiraling downward on destructive paths seemingly before our eyes, unfortunately ending up dead . Elvis, Michael Jackson, Corey Haim, Heath Ledger, John Belushi, Marilyn Monroe, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, River Phoenix, Chris Farley, Freddie Prinze, the list is seemingly endless. True, life is full of there stories everyday, ordinary people with ordiarry lives sucoming to life's pressures. We don't hear about those since there only famous to the ones who loved them.

Sheen earlier on March 7, 2011
But if we did, would we not try to do something to prevent the destruction of a persons life? Is it not our responsibility to try and help someone who is obviously incapable of dealing with the pressures of living. I would.
Why then are we all just sitting around watching Charlie Sheen follow down the same path as many a famous star before. We will sit and watch his Ustream, countless TV interviews and radio broadcast of his rambaling incohearent banter. TIGERBLOOD! TROLL! WARLOCK! WINNING! DUH! We and the media can't get enough of his antics! WHY?

I too am entrenched, so to speak, in trying to understand this train wreak we are all witnessing. As that commercial used to go, "IS IT LIVE, OR IS IT MEMOREX?" Is this real or just a hoax perpetraited by  Charlie to get out of his contract with CBS and the producers of the show. Roseanne Barr and Brett Butler also couldn't work with the producer Chuck Lorre of Two and a Half Men. Remember the late Farrah Fawcetts battle with the producers of Charlie's Angels after only one season! It's happened before, are we now witnessing it again this time in a crazy way?

Or are we truly watching a mans life disintegrating before our eyes. Spiraling out of control with destructive behavior, drugs and alcohol? His father and brother, Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez, did come out breifly to pleed to Charlie to get help, but have been silent ever since. WHY?

Don't think the people now around Charlie Sheen will help, history has told us otherwise. All those stars I mentioned above had an entourage of yes people who would do anything the star wanted just to remain in the inner circle of money!

So what can we do? How can we help? Should we even try to help? He's rich and could care less about you or I. Do we just continue to watch until one day we find out he was kidding or worse found dead!

Late report as I write this is that Charlie Sheen has bought a Beverly Hills home for $7.5 million supposedly for his ex-wife Denise Richards according to AOL Real Estate. That sounds to me that he's sly as a fox! and WINNING! IS HE?