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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

In Memorandum to the ARIZONA VICTIMS

The horrific, sensless, tragic events that unfolded on the morning of January 8, 2011 at around 10:10am in front of a safeway shopping store  in Tucson, Arizona. A deraged Gunman opens fire targetting Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, who is still fightining for her life in an Arizona hospital but showing signs of improvement everyday. One can only hope and pray she makes a FULL recovery.

But what about the other victums who lost there life on that day. Much has been covered abour the Congresswoman, but not much has been said or learned about the six innocent bystanders who lost their lives on that day.

This is for them! May they rest in peace and NEVER be fogotten.


Gabriel Zimmerman who was 30 years old and he was Giffords director of community outreach. Politico adds that Zimmerman worked for Giffords since 2007,was the man behind the "Congress on Your Corner" events, organizing them, taking down names and phone numbers of people looking for help, doing the legwork needed to follow up on their problems. He was talking with the people waiting in line Saturday to see U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords when a gunman opened fire.

Dorthy Morris76 years old was killed Saturday in the Tucson, Ariz., shooting. Her husband, George, remains in critical condition. The couple were high-school sweethearts. George and Dorthy both grew up in Reno, Nevada. Friends describe the couple who have been married for more than 50 year as "much in love." George was a former airline pilot, and Dorthy a devoted wife.The couple have 2 daughters. George was shot twice, once in the shoulder and the other through the leg. He is currently in serious condition at the University Medical Center, Tucson."To be fine one moment than she's gone in another moment and be injured himself, I can't imagine what a terrible thing it is to overcome."

Dorwin Stoddard who was 76 years old and a pastor at Mountain Ave. Church of Christ. A retired construction worker who clung to his wife to protect her from the gunfire. She was hit by three bullets in her leg, but she is recovering in a hospital. When the shooting started Saturday, he dove to the ground, covering his wife Mavy. The couple had been grade school sweethearts growing up in Tucson. Mavy talked to her husband, who was shot in the head, for 10 minutes while he breathed heavily. Then he stopped breathing. "He heard the shots and covered my mom with his own body and protected her and saved her," said stepdaughter Penny Wilson."We'd like to compliment the hero that lies in our father and we are just blessed that he's walking with the lord now." said stepdaughter Angela Robinson.

Phyllis Scheck 79 years old has spent her winters in sunny Tucson, away from her home state of New Jersey. Eventually she became an Arizona resident, taking up with the town's robust community of retirees. A widow who had been married to Edward Schneck for 56 years until his death, Schneck had been a homemaker, loved making crafts and remained devoted to her family. Schneck was not especially active politically, according to her daughter. "I don't know why she was there," Rautenberg said. According to the Wall Street Journal, another daughter, B.J. Offutt, said her mother admired Rep. Gifford for her stance on border protection. Schneck is survived by three children, seven grandchildren and one great-granddaughter.

Christina Greene 9 years old  who was a student at Mesa Verde Elementary. She was taken with 10 other critical patient to the Hospital but later died. She was born on September 11, 2001, which led to her short life being marked by tragedy. The girl had been elected to student council at her school, showing a clear interest in policy issues. For this reason she had decided listening to Representative Gifford “She was very good public speaker. I sold her engaging in politics. She was a great leader,” Christina father said to the media. "She was very patriotic and wearing red, white and blue was really special to her," Roxanne Green told the Arizona Daily Star. No stranger to fame, Christina-Taylor's grandfather Dallas Green was a major league baseball pitcher who managed the Philadelphia Phillies when they won the 1980 World Series.

John Roll  U.S. District Court Judge a native Pennsylvanian, Roll graduated from the University of Arizona of the Law School's Graduate Program for Judges, was among the victims in the fatal shooting Tucson, Ariz. Friends and colleagues recall Judge Roll as a fair-minded jurist and advocate for his court. He lived close-by and decided to drop in and say hello to Giffords -- when he was shot and killed. Roll is survived by his wife, Maureen, three sons and five grandchildren. He was a 1991 judicial appointee of George H. W. Bush after a distinguished career as an Arizona state attorney, an assistant in the state, and then as a state court judge.