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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Is it Me or Doesn't Anyone Care Anymore!

Is it me or are do more and more people just don't care about each other anymore?  or They think there time is precious, but yours don't matter! And forget about common curtsy!

Example: We all been to the Doctors. Made an appointment, arrived 10 minutes early, only to have to sit and wait for over a half hour or more! WHY? What if we decided to stroll in to the Doc's office say 15 minutes or so late. Think he/she would be happy to be kept waiting!

Example: Your on-line at your local bank, there are only two tellers handling a very crowded line when one decides to take a break and now there's only one! Everyone looks at the branch manager, some even complain vocally, but she/he is to busy talking on the phone to her family! WHY?

Example: You driving down the road behind a car, the light up ahead you know is about to change. Your obeying the traffic rules, but want to make it. Except the person in front of you deliberately decides to SLOW down, tramping you behind him. As the light goes to yellow he speeds up, making the light that turned to red, trapping you. WHY?

Example: We ALL have needed to get our car fixed, right. So you bring it in bright an early 7:30am sharpe. You wait in line outside with everyone else who woke up earlyer then normal, get in, tell them what's wrong and go have a seat to wait, and wait, and wait. When they finnally come to tell you whats wrong, it also comes with the news that the part you need, they have to order it so you will have to leave your car. That's when it gets ugly. Once they have your car, it's like the Bermuda Triangle, it disapears for days. Even when you call them, they say something like there working on it, but it wont be ready again today. WHY?

Family is the worst. You are more then happy to help whoever calls, for whatever they need. Need a ride, NO PROBLEM, stay over, NO PROBLEM, borrow this or that, NO PROBLEM. Whatever they ask, but it seems when YOU need something, they all have short memories. WHY?

Example: Something breaks or needs fixing in your house or apartment or your cable/satellite/phone is out. You call for service and are told, NO PROBLEM we will be there tomorrow between 8 and 12. What you forgot to ask was that am or pm. You wait and wait and wait. Held hostage by these people who think you have nothing better to do then wait, and pray, they get here soon! WHY?

Example: Your online at a department/grocery store. The person in front of you decides to discuss the price on EVERY item that is being rung up. Disputing what the scanner says, causing the person at the register to have to constantly re-check the items with the circular or ask for the supervisor.WHY?

It seems to me that people only care about there life/lifestyle and to hell with anyone else. Don't inconveince them, but as for you too bad. Our society today has become a ME ME and others don't matter. If it benefits ME, good, if it hurts you, WHO CARES!

What do YOU think?